Plumbing Fixtures Services and why you shouldn’t ignore them.

Plumbing is a system that allows the passage of water or any other fluids across rooms in a building. It conveys water or any liquid for a wide range of use in the building. It also helps to remove waterborne wastes. Plumbing system includes tanks, pipes, plumbing fixtures and other types of equipment that convey fluids in and out of a building.

However, these plumbing fixtures must be well taken care of to allow durability and a clean environment. Plumbing services should be done by a trusted engineer that knows the in and out of the plumbing appliances to ensure a proper servicing.

Reasons Plumbing Fixtures should be Serviced Regularly

The durability of the appliances: Prevention they say is better than cure. Frequent servicing of the pipes and other fixtures ensures long-lasting types of equipment. A clog in the pipes wouldn’t just reduce the passing of fluids alone; it could also shorten the lifespan of the system. The increase in the pressure could put a mechanical strain on pipes and valves among others. And this would lead to failure of the fixtures sooner than expected. Such havoc can be prevented by continually servicing of the accessories.

  • Improve hygiene: Regular servicing aids clean environment. A leak or constant dripping of water can lead to various health hazards. It can trigger air pollution, congestion and breathing problems. A moist area welcomes mould and mildew. Regular servicing helps to prevent the mold or mildew or at the least help to stop its growth. Properly maintenance of plumbing appliances helps reduce the spread of germs in the home.
  • Prevention of wastage: Servicing the plumbing fixtures helps to detect a fault in time to prevent wastage of water or any fluid that is being passed through the plumbing appliances. Leakages in pipes could take a long time to detect. However, regular servicing would help to quickly identify the leakages to prevent waste of water or other fluids.

Also, regular plumbing fixtures servicing helps to preserve other equipment in the house. Continuous water leakage causes damages to the home. Regular inspections of cabinets, sinks and other places plumbing appliances helps to prevent leakage that could damage other things in the house. Following are ways of servicing the plumbing fixtures in the house


Stormwater, as the name implies, is sourced from a torrential downpour. On-site stormwater Detention is a measure containing the stormwater from your site to ensure safe control of development area. Development of a site brings about different constructions area covered by roofing, driveways, hardstand, and pavement.

OSD is the best way to deal with all the water that falls on a site when it rains, however, it is limited to work for some time which is why maintenance is essential. Servicing is not an available option, but a management practice may be selected in place of servicing.

A stormwater Detention vault is an option when excess storm water run-off arises. A stormwater Detention vault is an underground structure designed to manage excess stormwater run-off on a developed site.


Sewer drainage is an underground pipe for moving sewage from building to treatment facilities. In the modern world, sewers are pipes from building to underground tanks which transport sewage to treatment facilities. The larger sewer pipe has utility holes set in them giving access to the tube. To ensure the plumbing works properly, the pipes must be free of blockages.

Pipes get blocked when non-fluid are flushed down the pipe, for example, paper, grease, fat among others.  The pipeline wouldn’t get blocked in a day. Constant flushing of paper, fat down the pipe would accumulate and then lead to blockage. Blockage wouldn’t allow easy passage of water or fluid to the expected destination.

Services should be done regularly for the removal of the paper or grease to prevent total blockage.


Water heating is a heat transfer method that uses an energy source to heat water above the initial temperature. Hot water is used for space heating in industries. Appliances that provide a continuous supply of hot water are called Hot water tanks, Geysers, and Calorifiers among others.

Gravity fed system is used by industries where space heating water boiler is employed. The traditional arrangement is to use boiler heated water to heat water contained in a cylindrical vessel which is supplied from cold water storage usually in roof space of the building. Water heaters can explode and cause significant damage, injury or death if safety devices are not installed. Therefore, it’s regular cleaning and servicing must not be taken for granted.


Surface water or rainwater collection channel is a component of a water discharge system for a building. The water from a pitched roof pours down into a valley gutter, a parapet gutter or an eaves gutter. An eaves gutter is also called eaves trough. Many building faces a conundrum when it comes to gutter maintenance. Building owners should know that allowing precipitation runoff to flow through their gutters freely will prevent water from pooling around their workstation and damaging their foundation.

Your roof can sustain several damages during the year from rain, hail and severe temperatures at either end of the heat spectrum. However, the trained eye of a professional inspection contractor can spot minor problems such as bruising, water stains and dry rot.


Water pumps are used for a wide application which includes moving of water from the reservoir to groundwater lowering offshore uses and aggressive chemical pumping. It also includes moving of water from wells to designed tank

The pumps that allow the passage of water meant for instant drinking should preferably be given ultimate servicing. Germs can quickly grow and spread in a not well taken care of the environment. The regular washing of the pipe must be done to wash away sustained dirt in the pipeline. It should be thoroughly cleaned with solutions and warm water. This should be done at least once a month to maintain a healthy environment.